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All health care providers performing insertions and/or removals of NEXPLANON should receive instructions and training prior to inserting or removing the implant.
To ensure that health care providers receive instructions and training on insertion and removal, Merck has developed the Clinical Training Program (CTP) for NEXPLANON. Only those clinicians who have completed the training program are eligible to purchase the product.
This session, which is sponsored by Merck, is not accredited for continuing education credit. The training is open only to MD/DO, NP, PA or CNMs, and Residents authorized to perform the procedures entailed in the insertion and removal of NEXPLANON in the jurisdiction where they practice. Additionally, NPs, PAs, and CNMs must attest that they have met all specific state conditions and requirements, including but not limited to signing a collaborative agreement with an MD/DO. Residents must understand that they can only administer NEXPLANON under the supervision of an attending physician who has also been trained on the procedures to insert and remove NEXPLANON. It is Merck's policy to verify all clinicians’ practice, US license, and eligibility information in advance of the training. Merck will contact you directly if there is a problem. Attendees are expected to attend the entire training, which is approximately 2 hours in duration. Certificates of attendance will not be issued to those who arrive late or leave early.
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